Meeting Planning

At SmartSonix, meeting and event planning is at the core of our services. Our skilled and detail-oriented team of event professionals loves every step of the event planning process. We produce:

We do it all and each event is a well-organized adventure. We work equally well with administrative assistants placed in a challenging event planning situation. We weave planning, creativity, and execution into flawless events based on your strategic goals.


Event planning starts with understanding your:

      Your mission
      Your creative vision
      Your budget

Before we begin event planning, we want to fully understand how your event will ultimately be judged. What is the role of ROI and are there creative limits?

We understand the realities of operating within a budget. We are accustomed to helping develop detailed event budgets that maximize your return and minimize “surprises”.

We collaborate with you to plan the perfect event to satisfy your vision and goals in:

      Creative design
      Venue choice
      Food and Beverage

Your vision comes to life when our team, enthusiastically goes about making sure every detail is coordinated.

      Audio/Visual is loaded and tested
      Furniture is carefully placed for maximum effect
      Production and artistic elements are staged

When guests arrive, you are assured every aspect has been professionally handled. Our experienced team knows how to anticipate and plan for any obstacles that may arise, including last-minute changes. Throughout the event, we monitor guest reaction, crowd flow and energy. We are accessible when and where needed and you’ll take comfort knowing you have an energetic, professional team on your side.


Following your event, the SmartSonix team oversees the breakdown and cleanup process. We ensure the venue is returned to its original state. We settle with vendors and move onto any post-event follow-up that is planned. We celebrate our shared success and look forward to future endeavors.